Alicia Skipper Todd


10 Questions for Conway High Alumni Alicia Skipper Todd

By: Leighanna Hatfield

How did Conway High School have spirit when you went to school here?

My senior class was 1985. When we went to pep rallies, the noise was deafening, and if you didn’t go to the football game on Friday nights there was something wrong with ya. The stands were full, the community was involved, and there was a lot of energy going on back then. The movie ‘Friday Night Lights’ was a perfect example of what Conway High was then.

What were your dreams for yourself in high school? Did you achieve them?

I was really looking forward to getting out of Conway, and I think everyone has that mentality when in high school. I went to Winthrop University, but I ultimately wanted to come back home, and I wanted to make this home for my kids. That’s where I am now, so yes I did achieve my dreams.

What was your favorite subject in high school? Why?

English, I really enjoy writing. I majored in marketing while in college, so I do a lot of press releases.  I write content for brochures, television commercials, and also radio commercials.

Do you think Conway High’s reputation has changed since you were here?

Yes, I think today there are some perceptions that are somewhat elevated. The school, a group of parents, the administrators, and the school district are working together to prove that there is a positive difference in the school.

How do you feel about initiation?

I’m for it, I was initiated as a freshman, and I had two ‘little sisters’ my senior year. I don’t think some events are necessary, but the fun part of it is what’s worth it. I hope all future seniors will keep in mind to have respect (keep it fun and clean), so no one gets hurt.

What changes would you like to see at Conway High?

I want the students to be proud of their school and the community. The spirit and heart needs to be present within each student. This needs to be especially so at pep rallies so that it can lead to the actual games.

What were the popular styles when you went to Conway High?

We used to wear a lot of polo shirts, long sleeve button ups with the collars up, we had big hair, and high top Reebok tennis shoes and parachute pants. I never wore parachute pants, but that was in back then.

What extracurricular activities were you involved in?

I played basketball, softball, and tennis. I was in the National Honor Society and Spanish Club. I was primarily involved with athletics.

How do you feel about high school relationships between students?

Dating is the natural part of life. Teenagers dating nowadays is way different then it was back then. The guy would open the door, speak to the parents, and would go to a movie or out to dinner which we don’t do now.

We have heard that you are running for Conway City Council, what are your plans if you are elected to City Council?

I am going to stay very involved in the schools, and work from the perspective of the city to get the businesses involved as well as the community. We need to work on some public safety as far as gangs and drugs. Every community has them and we really need to crack down on that.

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