SAT Tip 1


Gather Your Materials Before the Morning of the Test

A bit of practical advice is to get your test materials organized in advance. Gather up everything that you need for the test the night before to avoid running around the next morning. Assemble the following:

  • Your SAT Admission Ticket: This ticket was mailed or emailed to you upon registration for the SAT. If you registered online, you can visit your College Board account to print out another copy.
  • A Photo ID: You can use your driver’s license or your school ID. For a more detailed list of acceptable identification, please visit this page.
  • Two No. 2 Pencils: Bring a spare pencil in the event one breaks during the test. Mechanical pencils and pens are not allowed.
  • An Eraser: Make sure that you use a fresh eraser to erase any mistakes or changes completely. Stray marks can be interpreted as wrong answers.
  • Your Calculator: Make sure your calculator has fresh batteries. For a list of acceptable calculators, visit College Board.
  • A Wristwatch: You will need a watch to time each section. Testing centers may not have clocks, and it is easier to glance at your wrist than search for a clock.
  • A Snack: The entire test day takes approximately five hours, so you won’t be finished until after your normal lunch hour. There are short breaks after every hour of testing, at which time the proctors will encourage you to eat snacks. Take a granola bar or a bag of carrot sticks to avoid losing concentration when the hunger pangs arrive.
  • A Bottle of Water: You are also encouraged to drink water during each break. Take your own bottle of water in case the test center does not have drinking fountains.

Tips Courtesy of PowerScore

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