Horoscopes from Tig Week 2

Backyard Burn Oct. 27th
6:00-7:30 pm

By Kathryn Crigger and Ellie Castillo

Aries– Don’t let your work distract you and make sure to pay attention to your friends!

Taurus– You may feel like your relationship isn’t going so well this week, but make sure to keep your chin up and make compromises with your partner!

Gemini– Don’t stress yourself out, and make sure to take breaks from your work .

Cancer–  Don’t believe everything others say to you this week, make sure to check out all the facts first!

Leo– Make sure to stay level-headed this week.

Virgo– You may not be as concentrated as you usually are, but make sure to keep your head on straight!

Libra– Make sure to express any concerns you have to your family members!

Scorpio– Something you hear from your squad may make you feel a bit weary of them, but don’t let this deter you, make sure what you heard was correct and stay cool!

Sagittarius– You may not feel like you can think straight, and you should probably stay away from major chores.

Capricorn– You might end up feeling a bit more sensitive this week, but make sure to hang on!

Aquarius– Tbh, this week you are probably screwed.

Pisces– You may have some misunderstandings between you and a close one, make sure to work them out!