Hustle and Heart Set Us Apart!


By: Hannah Norris

The Conway High School ladies tennis team has improved tremendously over the past few seasons. In 2013, the girls won their first match in three years. Ever since 2013, the girls have really stepped up their game and continued to work hard to improve. With the help of Coach Watts, the girls are currently 5-4 in the 2015 season. They beat Aynor for the first time since 2010. Region matches have just begun, and so far the girls are 1-2. I’d say hard work and dedication is paying off!

2015 Ladies Tennis Team:

Hannah Norris

Victoria Smith

Hailey Cassidy

Jessie Miles

Tori Worley

Maggie Gore

Julia Hagerud

Ali Thompson

Brooke Fowler

Anna-Grace Young

Claire Hamilton

Delaney Hardee

Savannah Stevens

Elaina Hernandez

Haley Artauega

Shelby Gerald