By: A’Laya Burroughs and Jasmine Burroughs

We feel that the ROTC program at Conway High doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. ROTC should be a celebrated program, however, half of the kids that do the ROTC program are just there so they don’t have to do gym. ROTC needs people that are willing to participate in each event and give it their all. This program is a great because it helps students with their attitudes and discipline issues. The ROTC program actually feels like a home away from home. The program is a well designed program for those that believe in themselves and do not care about what others say about them. ROTC is the best thing that anyone could be involved with in school, freshmen year through senior year. ROTC opens doors that no other school course can, and ROTC teaches you personality differences does not mean that you can’t work together.  What is it going to take for CHS students to fully respect the ROTC program.