Student Athlete of the Week: Kaysan McKnight


Interview by: Beyonce Huggins

When did you first start playing football?

– At the age of 6.

What are some of the hardest lessons you have learned as a football player?   

– To always be a team player even when I don’t want to be.

How does it feel to hear cheers supporting you at a game?

– It is amazing and very heart touching.

What is one moment you will never forget? Why is this an important moment?

– When I scored a touchdown to put my team in the lead. It’s important because the team was happy all because of something I did.

How far do you plan to carry your football career?

– Take it to the NFL

If football doesn’t work out do you have a backup plan?

– Yes, college maybe

What colleges are you interested in?

– Any in Florida

Who is your favorite pro team?

– Panthers

If you could be any animal what would it be? Why?

– A cheetah because it is fast.