Teacher of the Week: Ms. Yaminah Jordan


Interview By: Ayana Beaty

How many years have you been teaching ?

  • 12 years

Was teaching your first career choice ?

  • No

Where did you go to school/college ?

  • USC in Columbia

What are some things you hate about teaching ? Why ?

  • I hate the grading, because teaching English means that it never ends, and I struggle with figuring out how to balance it so I’m doing stuff at home a lot which I don”t like.

What are some things you love about teaching ? Why ?

  • What I love about this job is the kids challenge me constantly, and it forces me to be a better person.

When you were  younger did you picture yourself where you are now ?

  • No, I never pictured myself as anything.

Do you have kids ? And is it challenging ?

  • Yes, 2 amazing boys. Yes.

Are you married ? If so, how do you make it work with you being a teacher ?

  • Yes, he makes me turn my teacher off at home. He reminds me I’m not at school.

Were things the same in Conway High when you were a  student here ?

  • A few things, but not too many. Its feels like a different place, which it should.

What are the things you like about Conway High ?

  • I love my kids. The students are the spirit here.

What would you like to see change here ?

  • There are a lot of things I would like to see change. The biggest thing I would like to see change is for the school to become more academic, it needs to feel more like school. I want us to do a better job as a whole, from the principal down to the students. I also want us to do a better job of making sure every kid gets what they need to be successful.


Ms. Jordan was chosen as teacher of the week because she has a wonderful personality and she has the ability to make everyone feel right at home at Conway High.  Thanks for building a family like atmosphere Ms. Jordan!