View from above…


By: Kathryn Crigger


White feathers drifted down from the top of the ferris wheel . The large structure had not been used- or even visited- in years. Today was an exception though, many flashing lights surrounded its base and there was a heavy amount of commotion. The figure sitting on top of the ferris wheel knew why there was such a buzz near the abandoned ride. They knew because they could see their body lifeless on the ground, a warm crimson puddle growing around them as their human skin grew cold .

Yellow police tape was wrapped around almost everything in sight. The killer was long gone, but the authorities were determined to find anything that may lead them to the criminal. The victim on the other hand, kept close by. Not in a physical form though, but in one that held large wings with white plumage and a golden ring above their head.  The feathered being watched the officers mill about from their perch, watching as they stepped over the dead body haphazardly.

The angel could only watch, not wanting to get too close a look at their lifeless body. If they had gotten a better look at their killer maybe they could leave clues for the police. Small ones that would guide them in the right direction. They could’ve followed the man that killed them, but getting your wings isn’t a fast process, and by the time they were able to observe the world outside of their own body the killer was long gone. The only thing they could do was watch and hope that they would gain the justice they deserved .