Where’s My Mummy?


By: Chelsea Dawson

Ms. Ramsey’s Art 1 class has been studying Ancient Egyptian times, and they have been working on creating mummies to go along with this unit.  The favored part of most students while completing this activity was getting to use the tin foil.  The students enjoyed this part of the activity because it was hands on, and it allowed them to do something other than just take notes.  One student, Haleigh said “This project was a good one because it got everyone interested and involved.  It also lets us create things that Egyptians made during that time.” Another student, Taylor, enjoyed this activity because she said “It brought the whole class together as one to show the culture and beliefs of the Egyptians.” While watching the class create their mummies I was able to see that they started off with balls of newspaper to make the body, then they used masking tape to connect it all together.  To assemble the mummies crook they shaped tin foil, and lastly they taped it and Mod Podged it all together so it would look wrapped like an Egyptian mummy.