A Group of Conway Crazies


By: Chelsea Dawson

A club created almost 15 years ago has started making some significant changes. This year they have new leadership and a completely different spirit to offer Conway High. These changes have pumped up the crowd at the games, and they have encouraged school spirit throughout the whole school. A Conway Crazy member, Lee Caroline Sanders, says this year she feels like “Everyone has such a better attitude about the school, and people are actually proud to say they go to CHS.”  The Conway Crazies seems to be better organized this year, and anything the club participates in is done in a very sportsmanlike way. Mr Lynch, the Conway Crazy sponsor, says “This year we are taking a new approach at our school, and we want to encourage people to join.” It seems that our new principal and the engaged teachers have helped to improve the spirit at Conway High. Mr. Lynch also emphasized that “This is your ONLY high school experience, you can’t redo it. If you aren’t involved, you’ll regret it in the long run.”  If you are interested in joining the Conway Crazies you can sign up anytime in the school store, it’s only $20.00. It always helps to support your school!