Second Chances


By: Carolina Hughes

I was headed to the flower shop like I did every Friday when something very out of the ordinary happened. I stepped onto the escalator, and that’s when I saw him; he was headed down and I was headed up. We caught each others eye and kept it for the whole ride.

He was the boy I was trying to forget, but it seemed that now that we were over I saw him everywhere. As soon as he got off I saw him turn to get back on the up escalator. I quickened my pace hoping that he would lose sight of me in the crowded mall. Well, he didn’t and in a matter of minutes he had caught up to me. He said the same thing I had heard since the night I had broken up with him. Maybe I was feeling emotional or maybe he had actually changed; either way I decided to give him a second chance.

We walked hand in hand to the flower shop, and I have to admit it felt nice to have someone there for me at a time like this. We picked some lovely roses that would honor my father well, and we headed back down the escalator and out of the front entrance. He had caught a ride to the mall with some friends, so he just texted them to let them know that he was leaving.

We headed to the cemetery. This was the hardest part of my week, and as we got closer I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. He put his hand over mine trying to comfort me as we pulled up to the gate and parked the car. I was unsure of how I could go in there, but without saying a word he grabbed the flowers and my hand and slowly climbed out of the car. We walked to the grave together, and gently put the flowers in the small vase that I kept there. I bowed my head to say a little prayer, and then I crumpled into his arms.