ACT Testing Tip 1


Take practice tests.

It’s important to test frequently. Schools sometimes don’t provide their students with ACT prep questions as part of classwork like they do with SAT questions, so familiarizing yourself with the subtle differences in question style and format by practicing is beneficial. And don’t simply sit down with a book and try to knock out a few problems when you have a spare 10 minutes. People that have had success on the test claim that they would block out time to complete a whole practice section, or an entire practice version of the test, to prepare them for the actual testing experience. Ryan Pope, now a Harvard University graduate, took the ACT during his junior year of high school in 2003, scoring a 34. The biggest key to his success? He took five practice tests on his own. “Going through previous tests did a lot for me,” he says. “In my opinion, there’s no substitute for sitting down with a book of old exams and just going through them.”