Schofield Suggestions: Week 4

Claudine 15(3)
All of my teachers, friends and relatives are asking me continually what careers I am interested in, and I’m struggling to make a decision. I’m not even sure what subjects I enjoy because I’ll enjoy anything if I’m in a good atmosphere surrounded by the right people. Currently, my grades are pretty good, and I am a sophomore. I’ve always enjoyed and understood science, and have recently become very interested in psychology. Initially, I thought I could combine the two and possibly study medicine and then psychiatry. However, I am unsure as to whether psychiatry is the right career for me.  I am not even sure I could enjoy it because I guess I would almost prefer to work in a lab rather then directly with people, although the concept of being a teacher strangely appeals to me. When I am older I would like to have a family, so I will need a career that can support that. Do you have any ideas about what career path I should choose, where I can find out about different careers, and what the next step should be on securing a good place at a great university?
Sincerely,  Not Sure
Dear Not Sure,

In the words of Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”

Go to the Guidance section of the Conway High website.  Click on on the Careers section.  Take one of the interest and personality inventories.  My favorite is The Holland Code Personality Test. I do strongly advise  while  doing  your research in choosing a career you consider these things:

1. Your Passion
2. Educational Requirements
3. Salary
4. Future Potential for Growth
5. Does this Career fit my Personality?
7. Work Demands(hours).
Make sure you take advantage of the job shadowing opportunities that CHS makes available to all students in February and Career Day in March. Please free to stop by during your lunch to chat with me about Career Options.
Holla Back