By: Jaime Stewart

I came to the scene of the crime asking what had happened, and this old lady said that she had seen something on the very top of the ferris wheel. I asked her what this thing looked like, “ It was white, a little blurry, and it looked like a lost 9 year old, and then it disappeared into thin air.” After she gave her description, I asked her some more questions like “Which way did it go? Does anyone know him/her or seen it before? Did anyone or anything come looking for it?”  I went in the direction she had said the unknown object had gone, carrying some weapons with me, just in case.  After I got there, I saw a light/dark glimmer ahead, I came closer taking out my gun.  “This is it”, I sighed, taking a deep breath.  I came closer and closer and still closer, and when I got close enough, there was a blonde haired girl floating in mid-air.  I screamed. It turns out that she was the angel aka ghost of Gwendoline, and she had haunted this ferris wheel ever since she had been murdered with her parents in this amusement park.  Gwendoline was trying to find her killer at this particular spot,the ferris wheel.  Now, if you ever go on a ferris wheel at an amusement park make sure you think of her.  If not, Gwendoline may haunt you… Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.