Angie Calhoun


Interview by: Amber Sweat

Ms.Calhoun is currently an Avid 401, Government and Econ, and an AP government teacher, and she has been teaching here at Conway High School for 27 years. Her favorite class to teach is AP government, she loves Avid and the students, but she loves teaching AP government more. She chose to work here at CHS because she graduated from here, and she feels the need to give back to her school. When Ms.Calhoun was a student here she played both basketball and softball for 4 years, and she also was a member of the Anchor Club. Her favorite/proudest memory here at Conway High School was when the Conway Tigers and the Conway community came together to support some of the students that were sick or had family members who were sick. The school and the community raised money and donated things to the ones in need because that’s what being a Tiger is all about. She went to Coastal Carolina University because it was close to home, and there were no dorms at the time.  Ms. Calhoun also played softball at Coastal until she graduated. Her favorite thing about CHS is the big family feeling it has.  A couple things she would change about CHS would be the student involvement and the spirit of the teachers and students. She feels if students got more involved with school their grades would improve and there would be less discipline problems. Another reason why she teaches Avid is because it encourages students to get more involved in school. As a student, science was Ms. Calhoun’s favorite subject, but she always did well in history. If she could be any animal she would be a bird so she could see things that she can’t see all the time and travel.