If you want to catch up with Violet- Watch Ultraviolet


By: Octavia Taylor

I’ve recently watched the movie ”Ultraviolet” and would love to share my opinion on it. The movie is based on a woman named Violet, (played by Milla Jovovich)(The Fifth Element)  who has been infected by a blood disease called Hemoglophagia, and she has a total of twelve years to live. This movie came out in the year 2008.

Violet Sangt-Jacque Sheiff, played by Milla Jovovich ( The Fifth Element), has to fight Vice-Cardinal Ferdinand Daxus , played by Nick Chinlund ( The Tear of the Sun), over his clone weapon Six, played by Cameron Bright (The Twilight Saga). Violet believes that Six can be a cure to the disease that lives inside Hemophages, so she takes him for her own good and hides from those who are after Six. She has to find the cure for her disease before her time runs out. She later figures out that Six is no help to her, but she is some help to Six.

Specific parts of this movie that I love would be the fight scenes and the scenes with just Six and Violet by themselves. The special effects that are in this movie are very unique and were really outside the box. The backstory of the whole movie is quite entertaining because you don’t get every detail at one time. You have to unfold everything in order to get the story.

A moral that you may get from this movie would be to never give up on something that you know you are certain about because you never know what may happen. It may be able to help you or you may be able to help it. The scene that displayed this moral is when Violet figured out her tear that fell on Six’s forehead after he was shot actually brought him back to life. I feel as if this is the moral of the whole story because Violet was nonstop trying everything that she knew to do to find the cure in Six’s blood.

Those who are interested in Sci-fi or action movies will enjoy Ultraviolet. This movie is jam packed with good action scenes and the electronics in this movie are amazing.

This movie is PG-13, I guarantee that you will watch this movie more than once just to see the action scenes.

I give this movie four stars.