Pep Rallies Yay or Nay?


By: Ayana Beaty

From my freshman year until now our our school spirit has improved, and I am only a sophomore. Pep rallies are getting better, but they still lack in excitement. Pep rallies need more student involvement; for example, plan more activities were students can come up and participate.  Having the pep rally outside was a good idea in my opinion, and we should definitely have more pep rallies in the stadium. I was curious what everyone else thought about our school spirit, so I asked around. This is what I found out.



Mr. Lynch:

  • We need more spirit.

Coach Griffin:

  • We need more spirit. Students need to participate.

Ms. Smith:

  • Spirit at Conway High needs to improve, but that just doesn’t happen over night. Students need to improve and so do the faculty.


12th graders:

Sam Gerald:

  • Our spirit isn’t great, we need to figure out what to do to make students more excited.

Micah Wolfe:

  • We need more activities.


11th graders:

Jenna Adkins:

  • Its getting a little bit better. I feel like the underclassmen needs to step it up, stop being shy.

Matt Zinner:

  • Pep rallies are whack.


10th graders:

Hunter Smith:

  • The pep rallies are exciting. They get me ready and hyped for the football games.

Trinity Vereen:

  • Pep rallies are a little hype, but we should do more stuff and have better music.


9th graders:

Celina Brown:

  • Pep rallies are lame, we don’t do a lot of stuff.

A’laya Burroughs:

  • Pep rallies are terrible. They need to do better when planning them. Maybe have a step team or something.