Through the Fire

Horse Hoof - Closeu Detail on two Horse Hooves

By: Makayla Conley

Running and running, she ran through the monastery barefooted. Her clothes were torn, ripped and some was even off. She panted, but had to keep going, her lungs and sides hurt, but if she stopped she would die for sure. Blood tainted the staircases, and some even poured down the inside walls of the monastery. Fear flashed through her eyes- when she looked back, she ran faster, more scared. Stomping, sounding like horse hooves pounding on the floor, and the noise of fast galloping followed, along with her own pitter patter of barefeet. She cut a corner and hid behind i- backing up into the darkness, she panted trying not make a sound. The stomping and galloping stopped, then came slow, loud walking. She fell completely silent as those loud sounds of walking crept up. Squeezing her eyes shut, tears slipping out slightly, she trembled accepting her fate if it were to come tonight. The nun cracked her eyes and saw this figure creep by, with its two large horse legs for feet and its demon like tail. She held her breath knowing she would regret it in the end. A slight whimper escaped her lips, and the creature quickly turned his head looking at her directly in the eyes. His red fiery eyes stuck out like neon lights, and it felt like it burned through her soul. He gave this wicked pointed tooth grin and started towards her. Cornered and with nothing left but this nightstand like table with her in the corner. Out of fear, she quickly rummaged through the nightstand finding a tougher glue like substance. She squirted it in his fiery eyes, and while he was distracted with the glue in his eyes, she quickly grabbed the nightstand- smashing him with it. She made a great escape and kept running, until she woke up. Horribly trembling, sweating and panting, Quickly, she checked herself and found herself still fully clothed, and not a drop of blood on her whatsoever. She looked up and screamed seeing that wicked pointed tooth grin and those red fiery eyes, that flashed evilness through them. It was over then.