ACT Testing Tip 3




Tip #1: Choose the Most Concise Answer

ACT English questions are looking for answers that result in the most straightforward, logical sentence structure. You should try to find the choice that provides all the necessary information for the sentence to make grammatical sense and nothing extra. The best writing says what it needs to say cleary and concisely!

Tip #2: Read the Paragraph First

A good plan of attack for the ACT English section is to read the whole paragraph that contains the sentence you’ll be revising before looking at the answer choices. This will give you some context for your choices and allow you to get a better grasp on the structure of the sentence and how you might need to change it. With this strategy, you’ll reduce the number of errors caused by misreadings of sentences.

Tip #3: Be Careful with No Change Answers

On questions for ACT English that ask you to choose the answer that makes a sentence grammatically correct, you will have the option to pick “no change”. This is a dangerous option, because if you aren’t aware of more obscure grammar rules, you might choose it by accident on some questions.

It’s really important to double check all the other answers before you settle on “no change” as the correct choice. If it seems like you’re picking “no change” significantly more than 25% of the time, you could be missing something! Read the sentence through carefully with each of the possible suggested changes before bubbling in “no change” to be sure you’re making the right call.