Horoscopes by Tig: Week 6

Backyard Burn Oct. 27th
6:00-7:30 pm

By: Damion Watson and Makayla Conley


Capricorn (December-22/Janurary-20) You are in the middle of a confrontation with a friend, tensions are

running high but you can make the best decision. You can create a positive solution for both of you if you have

a more positive attitude about your friend.


Aquarius (Janurary-21/Feburary-19) You don’t have a ton of friends, you only have a select few. Those few

though are the ones that are the most loyal.


Pisces (Feburary-20/March-20) Don’t focus on the past or the future. Focus on the now. After all, you have

your life ahead of you, so worry what you will be doing today. Don’t live in the past, learn to let go of earlier



Aries (March-21/April-19) Don’t let your stubbornness get the best of you, for it could get you in more trouble

than you want. Know when to fight your battles, or when to concede loss. After all, stubbornness is the nature of an



Taurus (April-21/May-20) You will soon know what you want in life. And when you do you will know exactly

how to reach your goal.


Gemini (May-21/June-21) Spend as much time as you can with those who give you good vibes. For soon, they

will need your positive energy as well.


Cancer (June-22/July-23) Be who you are when you can.


Leo (July-24/August-23) Your enthusiasm will bubble over soon, and you will love every second of it. As will

those in your life it affects. Stay close together and love the chaos it gives all.


Virgo (August-24/September-22) Just because you have some work to do today doesn’t mean you can’t have

fun while you are doing it. All work can be fun as long as you put your mind and heart in it.


Libra (September-23/October-22) Partnerships can be tricky. If you and your partner are having a feud, or an

issue about a past feud, take some time apart. If that does not work, then agree to disagree and let the past be

the past.


Scorpio (October-23/November-22) Your ambitions can affect those who are around you. As long as your

respect your peers though, it should not matter if it bothers them. Don’t give up because some people are

annoyed at your ambitions.


Sagittarius (November-23/December-20) Despite your strong image, you are quite sensitive this week. Don’t

hide it out of fear that others will look down on you. Tend your wounds, and don’t go through this alone.