Material Girl


A song that I’ve recently listened to is Material Girl by The Weeknd. This song came off his nine- track mixtape House of Balloons, which was released in 2011. The genre wrapped around the Weeknd’s’ music is a mix of Pop and R&B. The Weeknd plays the keyboard as on of his instruments, but considers his vocals an instrument as well.  Abel Tasfaye, known as The Weeknd, was born in Ontario, Canada. He got his name The Weeknd after he dropped out of school at the age of 17 and “Left one weekend and never came back home.” It’s spelled this way in honor of an Canadian band that was already named The Weekend.

The Weeknd was noticed when he uploaded a video on Youtube in 2010 under the name The Weeknd, ever since then he’s made mixtapes and albums that have been praised by several music publications such as BET, MTV, Rolling Stone, XXL, Pitchfork,and The Source. The Weeknd has released many good albums, but the most recent ones would be Trilogy (2012), Kissland (2013), and Beauty Behind The Madness (2015).

The Weeknd’s music reminds me a lot of Drake’s music in 2012-2013, because it’s slow and meaningful. It may not always have a positive message behind it, but you understand what’s going on in the song, and you’re not just saying lyrics not knowing what they mean.

The meaning of this song is explaining the love he has for the woman that this song is about. He explains in the song what he would buy for her and the things that he will do or her just to show his love.  My favorite quote in this song is , “But girl I need to be direct with you ‘cause in my mind your voice just replays like a broken tape.”

This song is a reflection of The Weeknd because it shows how passive he can be, and it shows all that he will do for those that he loves.  The song displays the love that he has inside of him, and it shows the listener the side of him that they don’t know about.

My impression after listening to this song was surprising due to some of the lyrics, but I fell in love with this song instantly because of how the words and the music blended together so perfectly.  I enjoyed how creative he was how careful he was with his lyrics. His lyrics seem like he’s trying to make sure you see what he’s seeing when he made the song.

Some unique elements of the song would be the guitar that you here in the background. The guitar is the main thing that was needed to make the rest of the melody fit to this song. This song reminds me of the song Own It by Drake because it’s almost like the same melody or the same tempo, but there are two different meanings within the song.

I rate this song 3 out of 5 stars, if a fan hasn’t heard this song before he/she is bound to love it because of the meaning in the song. This song is really powerful and it’s easy to understand. All you have to do is listen to the words and you’ll get it.