By: Damion Watson


It had been 42 days since we had left the village. Well, days was not how we measured time in this day

and age. It was true, we no longer were part of the outside world. We were our own world, me and the

voices that I carried inside my head. It was Dan, Sam, Kole, and myself. All 4 voices in our head battling

to keep the control.

“We need to find more toothpaste before we lose our teeth, Sulfer,” Dan kept repeating until I

was near losing my sanity. He really did know how to annoy me, always repeating himself for no reason.

Though, he was right. We had been out of toothpaste for nearly 4 days now. He was the voice of reason

that I hated, yet needed.

“Awe, don’t listen to him man. Just keep eating your candy corn,” Sammy laughed. I used to lean

towards that voice when I was younger, only to realize that he had the mentality of a 7 year old child.

True, I loved Sammy, I do tend to ignore his advice now that I need to take care of myself. The only good

idea he really had was to keep the authentic fire helmet from that abandoned building we camped out

in for a few days. It had provided a good cover while venturing further into the hell outside those doors.

“How about we just shut up for a bit…I need sleep guys,” There was Kole, the meanest but most

truthful of the bunch. I could relate to him the most; after all, he was the one that usually ripped control

of our body away from me while I slept. Nice try Kole…you won’t be stealing my body today. I’m on a

quest to find out what happened to this world, and I won’t stop until I figure out where it is that I am.