Fallen Angel


By: Shamar Creech

A couple holding hands walks to the ferris wheel and gives the operator tickets and climbs on. The girl says “This is so romantic Alex thanks for taking me here.”  Alex says, “No problem Sabrina, anything for my love”. The ferris wheel starts up and begins moving. Sabrina gasped for a moment as she did not expect the wheel to move so suddenly.”You okay Sabrina?” “Yeah I’m fine!” They both sit silently together, cuddling and looking at the night sky. Alex looks at the stars and suddenly sees a star moving. He thought it was a shooting star, but no this was something else. It moved toward him and Alex looked at Sabrina and she was out cold, pale white, he didn’t know what the hell was going on. Now he looked back at the anomaly moving towards him and he could almost make out a human like figure with 2 wings coming from its back. Alex thought he was hallucinating or just fell asleep dreaming. Alex, terrified, closed his eyes and peeped through and there it was. An angel- but this one was different from the ones he had seen in pictures or movies- this one felt…evil. This one had black eyes and dark colored body. A fallen angel, and Alex both in awe and terror just stood still. He finally broke the silence and yelled “WHAT DID YOU DO TO SABRINA!” The fallen angel smiles and comes close to his ear. Alex too scared to move a muscle just stood still, and the angel just whispers one word “Lucifer.” Alex wakes up and hears the operator saying “GET OFF THE RIDE YOU DRUNK!” Alex confused, looks around for Sabrina and she is gone. Alex says to the operator “WHERE’S MY GIRLFRIEND!” “I don’t know! NOW GET OFF!” Alex gets off and runs around the fair grounds, but he gives up and tries calling the police. He couldn’t get service. He finally sees her. Alex could see her in the distance back at the same ferris wheel he was just at, but she wasn’t on the ground she was all the way at the top. She had climbed all the way up, and Alex terrified yells “Sabrina!” Sabrina looks back, standing on top of the ferris wheel -smiles- but something was different it wasn’t “her” smile it was…Lucifer. Sabrina jumps off and splatters on the ground dead. Alex runs toward her body crying and yelling “SOMEONE GET HELP!” He turns over her body so that he could see her face, but it was not the Sabrina he knew. She had black eyes and she was still smiling while she was dead. He was in shock- it was too much like a horror movie. Alex then looks up at the sky crying, and he sees that same star, that  anomaly,…angel?. It smiles at him and flies away.