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Teacher of the Week: Mr. Reese


Interview by: Alexis McCracken 1. How many years have you been teaching? 29 years   2. Was teaching your first career choice? Yes   3. What are you likes and dislikes of teaching? I like interacting with my students, they

Key Club


by: Chelsea Dawson The Key Club is a club that was created to develop leadership and build character in students. It is affiliated with The Kiwanis Club of Conway. This club hosts homecoming, Mr. CHS, and the pancake breakfast. Each

Painting the Town…


By: Abigail Calhoun On Wednesday, October  21, 2015 thirteen students, Ms. Hallick, and Mrs. Myers painted the windows in downtown Conway for Conway High School’s Homecoming. Ms. Hallick chose the students Morgan Cox, Amaya Davis, Allie Livingston, Skylar Jacobs, Logan

College Snapshot: Francis Marion University


compiled from:   Francis Marion is a public university. It was founded as a college in 1970 and gained university status in 1992. Its 309-acre rural campus is located seven miles east of Florence center. Web Site Institution

Angie Calhoun


Interview by: Amber Sweat Ms.Calhoun is currently an Avid 401, Government and Econ, and an AP government teacher, and she has been teaching here at Conway High School for 27 years. Her favorite class to teach is AP government, she

Hall Smartz: Vomitory


Compiled by: Kayleigh Neimeyer                                                    

If you want to catch up with Violet- Watch Ultraviolet


By: Octavia Taylor I’ve recently watched the movie ”Ultraviolet” and would love to share my opinion on it. The movie is based on a woman named Violet, (played by Milla Jovovich)(The Fifth Element)  who has been infected by a blood

Teacher of the Week: Charles Divine


Interview by: Alexis McCraken How many years have you been teaching? 10 years Was teaching your first career choice? No, I thought I wanted to be an Academic Counselor for college football players. What are your likes and dislikes of

Through the Fire

Horse Hoof - Closeu Detail on two Horse Hooves

By: Makayla Conley Running and running, she ran through the monastery barefooted. Her clothes were torn, ripped and some was even off. She panted, but had to keep going, her lungs and sides hurt, but if she stopped she would

Bad Drivers Grind My Gears

300 dpi Doug Griswold color illustration of an insanely mad driver pulling out his hair, astonished by what he is seeing other drivers do. San Jose Mercury News 2010

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As a 16 year old female driver, that drives pretty well, I can say I really HATE slow drivers; you know the ones who refuse to drive the speed limit. I hate drivers who act like they can’t go when