Dear Schofield Week 9: Continued

Claudine 15(3)
Dear Schofield,
I’m a high school student, but it’s not easy for me. Studying is hard at home because I just want to goof off after a long day at school. My grades are OK, but I’m worried that if this continues they will slip.
Then there’s my eating habits and fitness. My lunch starts late in the day, so it’s hard to stay satisfied from breakfast. When I get home, I’m still hungry and eat whatever’s around, not usually healthy. And sitting all day at school doesn’t help my fitness. Recently, I decided to have only a cup of water or soda until dinner, but I’m not sure that’s healthy. Exercising at home doesn’t happen because I’m either goofing off or doing homework.
Finally, there’s my sleep habits. I go to bed at 10:30, but I have to wake up at 6:30 the next morning to be on time to school. How can I have good grades, be fit and be rested while having fun, too?
Not Multi-Tasking Well

Dear Not Multi-Tasking Well,

I’m not an expert on fitness, however, I do know studies show that at least 30 minutes of physical activity everyday will help you to lose weight or meet specific fitness goals. While at school take advantage of walking to your classes by speeding up your walking pattern. Because your lunch starts so late in the day, bring healthy snacks such as bananas, apples, or fruit snacks, which will help curb your appetite until lunch. I would stay away from sodas and drink water instead. Sodas are packed with sugar, and they literally add nothing to the diet except excessive amounts of sugar and unnecessary calories. When you get home before you begin doing your homework maybe you can walk a few miles in your neighborhood. If you’re not comfortable with doing that maybe walk around in your house. Turn your goofing off time into physical activity time.

Holla Back