SAT Test Tip 4



  1. Guess if you can’t figure it out. There is no penalty for wrong answers in this section.
  2. Negative numbers are not possible as answers in this section. If your answer comes up negative, do it again.
  3. You may begin to enter a short answer in any column. For instance, .6 can be entered in columns 1-2, or 2-3, or 3-4.
  4. If an answer is a repeating decimal (like .33333333), just enter as many decimals as will fit in the grid (.333).
  5. You may enter an equivalent decimal for a fraction as your answer, but why waste the time evaluating the fraction?
  6. Do not try to enter mixed numbers. For example, if your answer is 3 1/2, enter it as 3.5 or 7/2.


Math Section: Standard Multiple Choice

  1. Read the question well. Be sure to select the best answer for the variable, value, or expression that is requested!
  2. Learn in advance all of the critical definitions, formulas, and concepts that appear in common questions.
  3. Remember to use the test booklet for scratch work, as well as for marking up any diagrams/graphs.
  4. Early questions in this section are easier. Spend less time on them.
  5. Don’t get carried away with detailed calculations. Look for a trick or a shortcut if the question seems time consuming.
  6. When a question contains a weird symbol, just substitute the accompanying definition when figuring out the best answer choice.


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