The Longest Ride


Review By: Summer Harrelson

I just recently saw the movie The Longest Ride. This is based off the book which was written by John Green. This movie is categorized as a drama/romance movie.

Bull Rider Champion Luke (Scott Eastwood) meets a college student Sophia (Britt Robertson). They eventually fall in love. Luke wants to make a comeback in bull riding and Sophia wants to continue her art career in New York. They find inspiration from an elderly man Ira (Alan Alda). Ira and his wife withstood what love had in store for them

I really enjoyed the movie. It was put together very well, and the plot was great. The actors did an exquisite job.

My favorite part of this movie is when everyone was at the art auction. The only painting that was being sold was of Ira’s wife Ruth. No one wanted to buy it because they wouldn’t want a picture of his wife. Luke wanted to buy it because he thought that Ira’s art was beautiful. Ira said that if someone bought the picture of his wife they would receive all the other paintings with it. Those paintings were worth millions. Everyone was trying to buy the painting from Luke since he was now a millionaire. Luke opened up an art gallery with all of Ira’s paintings. Sophia was his assistant, and they ended up having everything they didn’t expect.

The Longest Ride tells you what love and life should be about. This movie has a lesson for anyone who watches it. I think everyone would enjoy this movie.


I give this movie a 5 out of 5 rating.