The Toothpick


Items to include in under 500 words pudding, toothpick, whistle

Genre: Romance

By: Autumn Finlayson

Once, a long long time ago, I was sitting in the lunchroom at school eating my container of chocolate pudding. I was all alone, I didn’t have many friends at the time because I used to be really shy back in high school. One day, a boy came and sat next to me, I had no idea why though, no one ever talked to me. “Hello,” he said, “I was wondering if you had a toothpick I could borrow?” “No,” I responded, “sorry.” He got up and walked away without another word, well that was disappointing I thought to myself. The next day in gym class, just as I heard the whistle blow I recognized the same boy and waved. To my surprise, he waved back and smiled. As I did yesterday, I went to lunch after gym, sat down and ate my pudding. The boy came back again, today he said “I was actually going to ask for your name yesterday, but I got nervous because you’re really pretty.” I jumped and squealed on the inside, once I calmed myself down I told him my name was Adeline. “Interesting,” he said, “Adeline I would love to get to know you better.” After that day we became the best of friends, we shared pudding at lunch and did our activities in gym class together. This story takes me back to the current day, where I am married to that boy and we still share pudding almost every day. Sometimes when we have arguments, he just asks, “Can I borrow a toothpick”, we laugh and laugh for hours on end, and it’s like I was never even mad at him. I think my husband and me have a very unique love story and I love sharing it with everyone.