Dear Schofield: Week 12

Claudine 15(3)

McphersonDear Schofield,

Although I am not considered bad looking, I’m not extremely beautiful either. Guys find my friends prettier than me.

Since I have started high school I have been thinking about getting plastic surgery on my nose. My parents say I need to wait for all my facial features to adjust because I am still growing, and they don’t want me to have facial disfigurement in the future. I think that’s just an excuse. What do you think? What should I do?

Ugly Duckling


Dear Ugly Duckling,

Have you read the end of the story? The Ugly Duckling eventually turns out to be the Beautiful Swan. I’m sorry you feel bad about your nose, but I am going to have to take your parents’ side on this one. Getting a nose job is painful and expensive surgery! And it’s not the kind of surgery your insurance is likely to cover. If you still feel this way in a few years, and you can afford the surgery then give it consideration again. Beauty really does originate from the inside, and many of your friends whom you consider to be more beautiful are probably self-conscious about one of their features. For now, work on your self-confidence. Let people see the beautiful things that are inside of you. A warm personality is often more attractive in the end. And who knows? Maybe you haven’t fully developed in the swan you are becoming. Remember, “Learning to Love yourself is the Greatest Love of All”
Holla Back!