Ask Something Fierce… Don’t get Scolded Week 1


Schofield’s Suggestions has undergone a slight change.  Ms. Schofield and Ms. McPherson will now be working on the advice column together.  The new column will be titled Ask Something Fierce… Don’t Get Scolded



Question: My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year and he is a really jealous person and does not let me even say two words to a boy. How can I get him to ease off because I have a couple of guy friends that I have really missed being able to talk to?

Please Help



Dear Please Help,

Trust is a big part of any mature relationship.  If you have done nothing to make him mistrust you, then you should expect his trust in return.  I am not sure that jealousy is a trait you can change in another person.  Have you had a conversation with him about your concerns?  If you have, and he still does not give you the freedom to communicate with any of your friends, male or female, you might ask yourself if you are being treated the way deserve.