Of Turkey Legs and Doughnuts


By: Summer Harrelson

On Thanksgiving Day I had to go get some missing ingredients that I forgotten from the grocery store . When I arrived at the grocery store I went straight to the back to get my turkey legs . Everyone was running around doing the same thing I was doing, and there was a game going on. There were 100 boxes stacked up and only 5 had turkey legs in them.  I needed to feed an army. The others had paintbrushes and stuffed dinosaurs in them. I went to go look through the boxes like a madman. I opened my first box, and there was a stuffed dinosaur and 3 doughnuts. I took a bite of a doughnut and about 1 minute later I started to get the giggles. Everyone in the store eventually started to laugh. “There was something in the doughnuts, and it was making us laugh so hard!” While we were all laughing a guy walked out. “I am the manager, Frank. Hi everyone!” he yelled. Everyone replied with a vague “hey”. “I hope you have had a good time laughing, and I bet a lot of y’all haven’t laughed like this in a long while.” Frank laughed.  “Always take the time out to make yourself smile because your self love is more important than anything.” Frank whispered. “uuuuhhhh…what about our turkey legs?” “Oh yes! You all get free turkey legs if you earn them!” Frank snickered.