Teacher of the Week: Ms. K. Hughes


Interview by: Jasmine Burroughs


How many years have you been teaching?

  •       4 and a half years


Was teaching your first choice?

  •       No, I wanted to be a pediatrician


What college did you attend?

  •       College of Charleston and Francis Marion University


What are the pros and cons of becoming a teacher?


You do not get paid enough

People do not respect your profession

People underestimate how hard you work



You get to help kids

You get to teach the things that you love

And you get to see kids’ succeed


What do you find most difficult about being a teacher?

  •       Knowing when to give up on someone


What do you think are the key qualities/ skills that students look for in a teacher?

  •       Someone who’s nice, realistic , and understanding


Did you want to teach anything besides English?

  •       No


How do you communicate with parents on a regular basis?

  •       Send letters home, Use remind101, Call


What is the biggest challenge in teaching?

  •       Getting students to understand that my ultimate goal is to make them successful.


How do you allow students to express their creativity?

Different types of projects like making movies, journaling, and creating children’s books