Ask Something Fierce…Don’t Get Scolded! Week 2


Dear Mcpherson,

With all of the bad influences that surround teens in today’s society, how can a teenager manage to stay true to themselves but still maintain an active social life? It’s never “cool” to do the right thing.



Dear Lost,

I know you may think that sometimes adults cannot relate to problems your generation faces, but with the exception of social media, most of the issues you deal with have been pestering all the teens who came before you. With that said, let me begin by telling you that in ten years from now, I am pretty confident that what everyone considers “cool” now will not be “cool” anymore. Some of the least popular kids will be the most successful, and vice versa. This is basically an important, yet temporary problem.

Practically speaking, I have two pieces of advice. Number one, consider where you want to be in ten years. Make decisions that line up with your goals. Remember that actions have consequences, and although serious consequences are rare, they do happen. Arrests, serious injuries, and deaths do occur. We are not trying to scare you; we have seen it happen, and it scares us for you!

Second, find a group of like-minded friends who share similar values and goals. They will think you are cool for who you are, and they truthfully will not even care if you are cool or not. Center your social life around them.

And finally, remember that you care how you look, but so do all your friends. People are not looking at you and judging you as much as you think they are. They are too worried about themselves! If thinking about participating in certain activities makes you feel uncomfortable, listen to those feelings. That is called your conscience, and it is a gift that guides you and helps to keep you on the right path for the rest of your life. Exercise it like you would your brain or your muscles, and it will stay strong.


Ms. Mcpherson