Lil’ Tokyo Restaurant Review


Review by: Alima MooToo

Lil’ Tokyo is a Japanese hibachi restaurant located on Coastal Grand Circle in Myrtle Beach. Not long ago, I went there for dinner with a few of my friends. The chef that cooked and served us was very friendly. He and the rest of the staff engaged us in conversation by making jokes and asking us how we were. The restaurant was very clean and organized.

The food I ordered, however, wasn’t as great. I had chicken and steak, which also came with shrimp, rice, and vegetables. The vegetables were good, as was the rice. However, the chef had forgotten my steak so I had to wait extra time to finally get it. The chicken was good, but I felt extremely sick after eating it. It was cooked so quickly that I feared it was still raw. It wasn’t, but I still felt nauseous when I left the restaurant. Everything else, however, was good. All in all, I’d give Lil’ Tokyo a 7 out of 10, and I’d probably never go back there again.