GTA 5’s Online Players


By: Ny’Stacia Hechavarria

Have you ever noticed how rude Grand Theft Auto 5’s online players are? This rudeness becomes even more evident if you use a microphone to talk to other players. There’s more racism online than in real life, honestly. GTA 5 has to be the only game that would ever cause you to have a harsh words towards certain people. The sad thing is, it’s people that you don’t even know in real life! There’s 4 types of GTA players. You have the Gangsters, the Racist players, the Little Kid players, and the “I will hack your account”  players, and those are the most annoying players ever.  While the racist players automatically call you all sorts of terrible words, the gangsters love to talk junk and represent their hood.  The little kid players don’t know how to play, so they ask you how to do things incessantly.  The ones who claim to have the ability to hack your account are just trying to scare you off of a video game.  Either way, I feel if you don’t have a strong mind and presence you shouldn’t be playing GTA 5 because it’s like visiting prison, only you’re blindfolded when walking through unit. GTA 5 has the potential to ruin childhoods for kids, but it’s the best game ever for older audiences.