Gone But Not Forgotten: Martwain Bellamy


By: Jasmine Burroughs

Leukemia is a type of cancer that targets the bone marrow and the blood cells, there are 1.5 percent of leukemia patients worldwide. These statistics are not just numbers all the numbers are people with family and friends.

One of these numbers, unfortunately, was Conway’s very own, Martwain Bellamy. Conway High School’s football player, Number 30, Martwain Bellamy was diagnosed with leukemia in November of 2013. Martwain was the football team’s running back, and his love for football was very intense even as a toddler. Coach Derrick saw potential in Martwain, so he helped him develop his football skills . Over the summer of 2014 Conway High hosted an event called Be the Match, and this event was to screen people to see if they could find a match for a bone marrow transplant.  This event was hosted by Conway High School and the surrounding Conway communities. The Conway community worked together tirelessly trying to help, Martwain find his 100 percent match.

As a Conway Tiger Martwain was highly respected, and he was always determined to get well so he could be back with his family. It would be hard to find anyone at Conway High that doesn’t respect the fight Martwain gave when he was battling cancer. It was a fight that was valiantly fought, but in the end cancer won.

Comments made by Mariah Bellamy:

Martwain had a positive outlook on his life before and after he was diagnosed. He was always into school, football, and family. He put his best foot forward in everything he did. After he was diagnosed it was a little tough, but he wouldn’t let it ruin him. He was still the same Martwain; loving, positive, and ready to be back on that field.