Is it the Carolina Squat or the Aynor Squat?


By: Amber Elvis

The Carolina Squat is something most country boys or wannabe country boys do to the their trucks. In Horry County, SC most people call it The Aynor Squat. The first thing kids usually do when their parents give them a truck is squat it. A squat is where they lift the front of their truck and lower the back. Most of truck owners do a suspension lift instead of a body lift to achieve the desired squat look. There are all different kinds of lifts that you can use and almost any mechanic shop can do it, however, there is a cost! According to Aynor Tire Mart, the cost can be anywhere from $35 to $800, and it all depends on what you get done to the truck. Once the truck owner gets the Carolina/Aynor squat done they then try to get the biggest tires that will fit under the truck. Everyone knows that tires cost a lot, especially mud tires; however, it can cause many mechanical problems with the truck. The biggest problem is if the universal joints go out. The squat also breaks the drivers view when they are driving because when you’re up in the air it is hard to see the road. When the truck is squatted you can’t see when a little car is hitting the brakes, and then it is very easy to have an accident.