Horoscopes by Tig Week 11

Backyard Burn Oct. 27th
6:00-7:30 pm

Leo: Your week will be exciting and many good things will happen to you

Cancer: Your week will be long and slow but uneventful

Virgo: Monday will be disastrous, but your week will get better

Aries: Your week will start off great, but then it will go downhill quickly

Taurus: Watch out this week because the one that you love will be near

Capricorn: Your enemy will be near this week, so keep an eye out

Scorpio: Someone in need will cross your path this week, the decision is yours about what to do

Sagittarius: You will slip and fall at some point this week, but someone will help you up

Gemini: A friend will test you this week whether or not you are a true friend is up to you

Libra: Romantic troubles will come your way this week, but they will be resolved

Aquarius: You will oversleep, but make it to work/school on time

Pisces: This week will be a great week, and many good things will happen


Compiled by: Carolina Hughes