Love doesn’t Leave Scars


By: Kathryn Crigger

Dating violence is an unwanted occurrence in the teenage culture in which nearly 32% of male adolescents participate and nearly half that of females. What falls under teen dating violence would be anything that falls under domestic abuse; physical, sexual, or mental (Teen Dating Violence. n.d.).  Abuse within teen relationships happens more often than not, even when the act may seem innocent. Extreme acts of jealousy- to the extent of not allowing one to talk to anyone of the opposite sex- falls under abuse. Not allowing a partner to talk to anyone else counts as abuse when you force your partner into dropping associates and prompting them to not go near anyone else. Even though you may not know it, holding your partner back and making them talk out a problem with you when they wish to leave can count as abuse. Think about what you are doing to your partner and what effect it is having on them, look for signs of depression or even fear and reluctance. If your partner is flinching away from you or is eating less, and you are keeping them from talking to their friends or saying things to them that hurts their self- image, you should double check yourself and make sure your actions aren’t actually harming your partner. On the flip side, if your partner is keeping you from going places, not taking no for an answer, or even keeping too close of an eye on what you are doing it is not a good sign. Things like this are signs that could lead to aggression later on in a relationship.

With Valentine’s Day coming up many teens are running to find a significant other to spend it with, but be careful with who Cupid finds for you. Watch how your partner acts, if they get a bit too possessive when you are having an innocent conversation with a friend it may be time to leave them. Also, stand up for yourself. If you are put in an abusive relationship learn to say “no”. If your partner does not listen to a firm denial (but it must be obvious, not something like “nah” or “maybe not”, use no to get a clear message across), then take action and seek help .


Be careful out there with your sweeties and have some sweet links if you are seeking more information on teen dating violence or help!:


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Call 1-866-331-9474

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text “loveis” to 22522, any time, 24/7/365.