Hackers Attacking, Anonymously!


By: Carolina Hughes

A hacking group simply called Anonymous started in 2003. However, they have not gained in popularity  until this year. The Anonymous hackers have now overtaken the headlines. This group is trying to disarm and/or outdo ISIS. Other than their ISIS mission they have attacked presidential candidate Donald Trump, and they have tried to uncover possible KKK members. After the attacks on Paris the Anonymous group posted a video on YouTube featuring a masked figure reading an ultimatum to the terrorists. After another attack the Anonymous group declared a war of sorts on ISIS. They also released Turkish police documents because of other leaks on police documents especially in the United States. This group has been one of the most prominent groups in the fight against ISIS. Many people have been arrested and accused with being apart of the group, but the group still remains. There are some supporters of the group that call them “Freedom Fighters” but critics called them “a cyber lynch-mob” or “cyber terrorists.” Do you think that these hackers are taking a stand for us and fighting for freedom, or are they terrorists themselves?

photo credit: www.maxisciences.com