Are we really dressing to succeed?


By: Carolina Hughes

The dress code at CHS has been a topic of debate among students, teachers, parents, and administrative staff for a long time. There are three main rules that cause controversy: the first of these three is; “Shorts, skirts, and dresses should be of adequate length to assure modesty when the student is seated or engaged in school activities. Adequate length is no more than 3 inches above the knee.” The second rule that causes controversy is; “ Spandex/form fitting pants/leggings must be worn with a skirt, shirt, or dress that is at least fingertip length.”  And the last rule that causes debate is; “Tops with “spaghetti straps” are inappropriate as are tops that reveal cleavage, shoulders, or back. Shoulder straps must be at least (2”) inches wide without undergarments exposed.” All three of these rules apply more to females than males, and the rules restrict what females can wear considerably. The reasoning behind these rules, or the reasons that are given to the student body, is that spandex pants, short skirts, or “spaghetti straps” will distract the male students. So, this basically means that female students are told that their comfort, individuality, and education comes second to that of the male students. We asked students how they felt about the dress code in a survey and here were your responses. The first question that we asked was; Do you think that the CHS dress code fairly penalizes all students? 81.7% of you said no, it did not fairly penalize all students and 18.3% of you said yes, it did fairly penalize all students. The second question that we asked was, Is the dress code stricter towards males or females ? 75.4% of you said the dress code was stricter towards females, 18.3% of you said you did not know who the dress code was stricter towards, and 6.3% of you said that the dress code was stricter towards males. The last question that we asked you was, Does the way a female student dresses distract their classmates? 72.6% of you said no, the way that a female dresses does not distract their classmates, 19.4% of you said that maybe the way that females dress distract students, and 8% of you said yes, the way that females dress distracts their fellow classmates. What can we can do as a student body to change the grossly unfair rules of the CHS dress code?    

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