Cinderella or Rambo: 2016 Military Ball


By: A’laya Burroughs

The 2016 military ball was hosted at the Spanish Galleon in North Myrtle Beach. The venue for the military ball changed this year, and NJORTC gathered the money for the event by charging students 30 dollars per ticket. The ball was amazing; there were many comments made about loving the venue this year. The only complaints were that the music was not “modern” and there were too many students for everyone to have a chance to eat and dance. The NJORTC students said that the DJ could have had more of a 2015-2016 playlist, and instead of having the kids get in line to get something to eat the venue could just serve the food out when the students are seated at the tables. With these adjustments everyone would have a chance to eat and then go dance. Other than these minor issues the event was a ton of fun, and everyone enjoyed themselves.  The faculty said that we were the best acting group at the military ball that they have had so far.