Cleaning up some info about CHS


By: Jamarria Pyatt

There’s an old saying that says “cleanliness is next to godliness”, and if that is true, our school is next to hell. If you ever hear a squeaking in the hall or a classroom don’t think you are crazy, it’s not in your head. Many rodents have been discovered and caught in classrooms at Conway High School, but pesky rodents aren’t the only cleanliness issue we are facing. The bathrooms are not up to par, and they often smell so bad, you can smell it from the hallway. If the smell wafting from the bathroom doesn’t kill you the toilet paper that is always all over the floor may trip you up. The trashcans in the bathroom possibly  only get changed every 3 days- this is disgusting. I’m not sure when the janitors on staff clean ,actually clean classrooms, but almost all of my classes have trash and dirt on the floors. If the teacher wants a really clean room, the teacher has do it on top of the other responsibilities they have. The janitors should make sure all bathrooms, classrooms, and hallways are kept up to par all the time and not just when someone important is coming.