Tanning: Are you needing a Fan or No?


By: Jamarria Pyatt

The sunkissed, brown look is very appealing to most caucasian people, but is that a good fashion trend? There are many cons and few pros to tanning indoors and outdoors. There is a huge risk to a tanner  every time they tan in a UV lit bed. A tanner can develop skin cancer such as melanoma, skin infections, dry skin, skin burns, and premature aging.  Many of these side effects happen because tanning depletes elasticity in the skin and this depletion causes wrinkling. Skin infections can be caused by the tanning bed being improperly cleaned  by the tanning facility.

A tanner is not safe if they avoid indoor tanning but still love to sun bath outdoors. Outdoor tanning can be just as harmful as indoor tanning. A tanner can develop skin poison from tanning outside, and sun poisoning can eventually turn into skin cancer. Cancer doesn’t happen all the time, but damage to the skin does. Tanning can be okay as long as it is in moderation, and that is just like everything else in life.