A Killer at the Box Office: American Sniper


I recently went to see “American Sniper”, and I loved this movie. It is about a sniper and the difficult decisions that he had to make in war time situations. It illustrates the ways that he has deal with these tough calls; calls such as killing women and children. It also describes how war affects him and his family even after it is over and he has returned home; the film also reflects on how he took his frustrations built up from the war and then learns to help others that are dealing with the same post war problems.

        “American Sniper” is about an American sniper named Chris Kyle who was played in the film by Bradley Cooper. It follows him through the war as he makes tough calls about when to kill and when not to kill. The movie opens on a young Iraqi woman and her son that have been given what the sniper believes to be a grenade that is meant to harm the American soldiers that are marching his way. Chris has to decide if the object that they are holding is truly a grenade and whether or not he should kill them. “American Sniper” portrays the trials and tribulations that our soldiers go through every day such as protecting the families that help them, and having to put their lives in the hands people that they barely know.

        I believe that Bradley Cooper does a phenomenal job acting in this film. I love the way that he pulls the audience in and makes them feel like they are apart of the scene. He talks to the people that are on the other side of the gun; trying to convince them not to do what he believes they may do because he does not want to kill them. When it is women and children he begs them not to carry out the task that they have been given, and when it is an opposing sniper he is after, he wills them to move into his shot so that he can get revenge. A good actor can make you feel whatever he is feeling.

        My favorite part of the movie was a scene when Chris Kyle had a very tough call to make. An Iraqi soldier was carrying a grenade gun, and he shot and killed this man to keep him from shooting the grenade in a group of American soldiers. He thought that after killing this soldier he would be done with that situation and that he had already saved the American soldiers. Right about then a young Iraqi boy darted out from the shadows of a side alley. He saw the grenade gun slung across the fallen Iraqi soldier and stooped to get a closer look. He contemplates picking up the gun while Kyle silently prayed that he would just turn around and run away. However, much to Chris’ dismay he picked up the gun and struggled to point it at its intended target, the American soldiers. Something made Chris hold off on pulling the trigger a little longer and luckily for the little boy he got scared, dropped the gun, and ran off.  I really enjoyed this scene as well as some others in the movie. I had no scenes that I truly disliked.

        A viewer can learn a lot from this movie; it gives citizens an insight into what military life can be like, and how much our soldiers give up in order to serve our country. I learned that the soldiers sometimes struggle with what their duties are, but they are always willing to step up and do their duties at the end of the day. Also, no matter what the soldiers are always there for each other; they put aside their differences and support each other no matter the circumstances. This shows that what we really need is support and someone that is always willing to listen to us and give us advice. No matter what we are doing we need someone to be there for us.

        This movie is for anyone that is old enough to deal with death and a little bit of gore that is included in some of the scenes. The genre of the movie is a combination of action and drama, so most anyone would like it. It was a great movie, and it touched me. Others should definitely see it. I would rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars.


Review by: Carolina Hughes

        Carolina is a tenth grader at Conway High School. She enjoys reading and writing, and her favorite subject is of course English. She is a cheerleader for the JV sideline team and competes for the Varsity competitive cheerleading team.