Splinter Cell: The Game of Missions


Review by: Ny’Stacia Hechavarria

Blacklist is an action-adventure stealth game, based on the main character, Sam Fisher. Fisher is a spymaster who is working to stop a group of terrorists (called Engineers) from recalling all its troops stationed abroad. Most missions are based on not being “caught.” You can complete levels by taking cover, and if you do kill someone, you should hide the enemy corpse by pulling it into a dark area to avoid alerting other terrorists. Fisher can also shoot out lights to create special take down advantages, and Fisher wears customizable goggles equipped with night vision and sonar vision to see through walls and detect enemies in the night. Another device that Fisher has is a device known as Trirotor which can spy on enemies, create distractions, and electric shocks. You can use zip lines and ledges to navigate across the map.

Money that you win after completing missions can be used to upgrade your gear or the plane which you travel on. The basics of Splinter Cell is stealth, and you really have to know the controls and advantages to get into the game. Also, there’s multiplayer co-op missions where you can play with people from all over the world. Which is why the game never gets boring.


Ratings: 9.2/10

My ratings: 9.5/10