Teacher of the Week: Mr. Valliere


Who encouraged you to become a teacher?

  • In college, at Michigan State, I had a Guidance Counselor, David Johnson, who encouraged me to pursue my Minor-Science Education.


Was science your first choice?

  • Yes, well environmental education was my major.


How long have you been teaching?

  • 22 years at CHS


Did you have interests in any other subjects?

  • Well, I got all A’s in English. (I just thought it was easy)


Pros & Cons of being a teacher?

  • Pros-summers off, loved by many students & remembered by them as they get older, having fun moments with kids.
  • Cons- lunch is too short


What college or university did you attend?

  • Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan


What schools did you attend growing up ( elementary, middle,high)?

  • Mt Calvary (1-8),
  • Lutheran East H.S.(9-12), in a suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan


Are there any changes that you would like to see at Conway High in the upcoming years?  

  • that’s a really tough question


What was your favorite thing about school?

  • I attended small schools, so I knew most everyone growing up.  Being in a small school also allowed me to have many friends.   I only wish I could break away for a couple of reunions with my graduating class.


How do you allow students to express their creativity?

  • Students are always encouraged to express their creativity through science projects, from periodic tables to visualizing lightning. We are currently using Google Classroom to create a variety of presentations on many different topics using Powerpoint. Rubrics help to stimulate students when they are researching and developing presentations.


Interview by: Jasmine Burroughs