A Heart to Serve: Haiti


By: Carolina Hughes

My trip to Haiti last week was eye-opening and heart-warming. I traveled to Cap-Haitien, Haiti with a group called Compassion International. This is a Christian organization that “releases children from poverty in Jesus’s name,” as their slogan says. You can sponsor a child for $38 a month; this money is used for their medical care, food, schooling, and other services that the child or their family may need. I sponsor 3 children through Compassion International and hope to someday be able to meet them all. They are all young girls that live in: Togo, Africa, Ghana, Africa, and Haiti. You can get to know your sponsor-child through letters, or if you are fortunate enough you can meet them on a sponsor tour.

To go on a sponsor tour you pay Compassion International a lump sum that covers all of your expenses while you are in Haiti or wherever your destination is. While at your destination you will learn about Compassion and their role in the community. While in Haiti, I visited 3 “projects” at the local schools and churches that Compassion partners with. I met some amazing kids while at these centers. Even though they had so little the children were so happy and so ready to worship God with us. It was so easy to brighten someone’s day in Haiti. Something as simple as bubbles or stickers could make a child smile from ear to ear.

Children in America could learn something from these happy and well-behaved children that are so thankful and gracious. I also visited 3 of the Compassion children’s homes while in Haiti, this was very different and eye-opening for me. The homes were built by the families and most housed more than 9 people in a room that was the half the size of the average American living room. However, like the children most of the adults were not angry with their situation and most only asked for prayers for their children and not themselves. For example, at our first home visit their was a teenage boy who had such severe ear troubles and pain that he could not even make it through a school day. His grandmother only asked that we heal him, unfortunately, as much as I wished that I could heal him right then and there I could not.

Meeting my sponsor child was an amazing experience. Although she was sick I still got to sit with her.  We played games together and I meet her mother and school principal. This trip was by far the most rewarding thing that I have ever done; getting to bring smiles to children’s faces and share with them that they are loved is the best feeling in the world. If you are interested in becoming a part of this amazing organization you can visit their website to sponsor a child, release them from poverty, and let them know that they are loved.    http://www.compassion.com/