Is Your Life Worth That Message? Texting can Wait!


By: Ny’Stacia Hechavarria

Texting and driving is the biggest driving complaint that faces not just teens but adults too. There have been many campaigns to try and stop driving and texting, but all drivers seem to do is ignore the warnings. As a driver myself, sometimes I text, but I never text while the car is in motion. Most of the time I try to wait until I’m at a long stop light or have arrived at my destination to text. What is an irritation to me is that to insurance companies teenagers are automatically going to text while they are driving. The insurance companies all assume that teens are terrible drivers, and that is why they can get away with charging so much for automobile insurance.  What the insurance companies fail to realize is that texting is more advanced now, so we can talk into the phone instead of actual texting on the device with our hands. The actual problem is people who text and drive with old school flip phones. It would take decades to just type “Omw” into a flip phone.

There are other viewpoints about texting and driving. Out of 16-17 year old teenagers who have cellphones, 52% admitted they use them while driving. Studies also show that Americans ages 12 to 17 say they’ve been in cars with someone who has texted while driving. Even if they are willing to risk their lives teens understand the risks of texting behind the wheel. Drivers ages 16-29 are more likely to get into car crashes, and texting while driving is only adding to this problem.

It is hard to fix a problem that is acknowledged as dangerous, but no one seems to care and they do it anyway.