A Bunny with Eggs: The Story Behind It All


By: Jasmine Burroughs

How can a bunny lay eggs? Some might ask themselves this question over and over again, but the real meaning behind all this Easter egg business is this:

Easter originated in a Pagan Europe environment.  The pagans named the day Easter after the goddess of spring, Eastre. Eastre’s earthly symbol was the rabbit, and the rabbit was also the symbol of fertility (http://www.gotquestions.org/easter-origins.html). According to some historical myths, a “bunny” laid special eggs for everyone to enjoy on the day of Easter.  In order for children to enjoy the “special eggs” they had to go on an egg hunt to find them, and that is how the egg hunt tradition developed.

There are also some other traditions that families follow every year around Easter, like attending an Easter sunrise service at their church, celebrating the Christian belief of Christ’s resurrection.

The Easter holiday in the United States is actually a blending of pagan and Christian traditions.

photo credit: depositphotos.com